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Welcome to the home of DinosOz Adventures

A prehistoric adventure from down under


About Us

We created this site to go hand-in-hand with our books, and to give people seeking more information about fossils in Australia, somewhere to go.

We invite you to explore, and if you have a question that you would like answered, feel free to send us an email.  We are not experts, but we know people that are!

If you have a passion for fossil finding and dinosaur news, you've come to the right place.


Find out more

For more information about fossils; how to find them, what to do when you find one, and how they are collected and prepared, click the link below.

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Check Out Our Videos

We have a small selection of videos to highlight just a small portion of some of the work being done every day around the country to further our knowledge of dinosaurs, and life millions of years ago.  For a long time, nobody knew much about the dinosaurs that roamed Australia.  We are working to change that, with our books, and this website.

Now, follow us to our prehistoric games and quiz section!

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